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Don't risk the health of your customers

When your employees and customers know you're doing everything to keep them safe by keeping your business or office pest-free, they will have more confidence in you.  Enjoy clean air and a comfortable atmosphere in your commercial property by hiring our experienced pest removal specialists in Cedar Rapids.

Get rid of pest once and for all

  • Contracted pest management

  • Contracted pest inspections

  • Contracted pest treatments

Feel safe in your home again!

Pest control services from a company that cares for you. Insect Control Specialists is licensed and bonded too!

Tackle pest problems before they become a serious issue. Hire us to have your company sprayed periodically to prevent future infestation. With our services, you and your customers can enjoy a rodent and insect-free environment.


Want to save money on pest removal services. Consider a service contract from us. Don't spend a fortune removing common pests after your property is infested. Rather, have it sprayed at certain intervals to keep it pest free.

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